TTD offers a variety of transhipment options. Bulk, bigbags and bagged products can be loaded into or unloaded from a coaster or an internal waterway vessel, a warehouse, a truck or containers. TTD’s ideal location offers you entry to the whole of Europe via road, water and rail. TTD is connected to Southern Europe via the A16 and the A15 enables a swift connection to Eastern Europe. Moreover, Dordrecht port belongs to Rotterdam port and it is the most inland sea port in The Netherlands. TTD’s accessibility, with a depth of 8 meters and a quay of 100 metres, is excellent for ships up to 8,000 tonnes. Our hydraulic cranes process 250 tons an hour making it possible to stow cargo with extreme precision. The combination of over 25 years of stevedore activities, our wide experience in various product flows and our expertise regarding fertilisers makes us your most reliable partner.

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