TTD is an all-rounder in large packaging: we pack from bulk or bagged products, from 15 to 1.500 kg, covering all conceivable methods of delivery, such as ships, trucks, containers, bigbags, or directly from the blending facility. We can process all types of bigbags, from 250 to 1500 kilograms (1-loop and 4-loops) and open mouth bag (PP and PE) packaging as well as tubular foil bag packaging, from 15 to 50 kilogrammes. Our four automated packaging lines pack your product into any of the required packaging lightning-fast. TTD can serve you throughout the entire process, from the drawing board to the supply of pallets. The bags can be printed or labelled according to your wishes. Your product will also be made water tight for good protection. Capacity for 25 and 50 kg bags is 450 tons per day and for bigbags of up to 1000 tons per day. Finally our fully automated system enables extensive traceability of your product. Your product is in good hands here.  

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