Transterminal Dordrecht b.v., Usually called TTD, is a storage and transshipment company with a complete service package. Its location at the seaport of Dordrecht ensures optimal accessibility for both sea-going and inland navigation. For incoming and outgoing railway transport TTD has the disposal of a railway link. The location at the traffic artery of Europe, the A16, guarantees excellent possibilities by road.


TTD provides the complete physical handling of all possible bulk and general cargo and containers: loading and unloading of ships, trains and trucks and safe storage of goods. Moreover TTD packs in almost any way desired. Finally all necessary documents are taken care of and transport and distribution arranged.


TTD prides itself on its working methods, to which speed and efficiency are central. For this TTD has at its disposal a regular, skilled staff  which has  been trained perfectly, handles your goods with care and can work with flexibility. In this way maximum is gained from the modern technical equipment.


Dordrecht has the Netherlands seaport lying furthes inland and has an open connection to the sea. Port Juliana has an area of appr. 62 acres and is 30 feet deep. TTD has a direct railway link and is located at the A16 motorway connecting Rotterdam with Antwerp, Brussels, Paris and Southern Europe. Just north of our company site is the A15, the connection road to the Ruhr area. Rotterdam Airport can be reached within 20 minutes, Amsterdam Airport within the hour.